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The Dog Blog – Mwnt

Ceredigion Beaches in October

We are now into October and I’m allowed back on the beaches in Ceredigion. With the sun shining mum decided that it was beach day and wanted to go to Mwnt.

Mwnt on the Cardigan bay coastal path


Dogs on the beach

Mwnt beach is around 40 mins away from the Falcondale located between Cardigan and Aberporth. After driving through the country lanes, you come to the top of the hill looking down on the beautiful sandy cove with an iconic white church on the right.

Dogs welcome on the beach


Ceredigion Coastline walk

I walked up Foel y Mwnt and along the coastal path where there were steps to go down to the sand. When the weathers clear you can see the mountains of Snowdonia over Cardigan bay and Mwnt is one of the best beaches to spot dolphins. I didn’t give mum a chance to look for these though as I wanted to get to the top of that hill as quick as possible, stand at the top sniffing the air and run back down dragging her along behind me.

With a café, toilets and a car park there’s all the amenities to keep everyone happy (usually involving a trip to a coffee shop) and I got to splash around in the stream by the kiosk!

A good doggie day out!

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Pets Welcome

Dogs on the beach in Pendine

The Dog Blog – Pendine sands

Dogs on the beach

It is worth noting that from October to April the whole of the beach is accessible to dogs. Even out of this time, the only dog free zone is between the two slipways allowing the remaining six and a half miles of beach for me to play on! There is plenty of space to run around and have a proper workout with lots of other dogs to play with.

Dogs on the beach in Pendine

Pendine Sands Beach

Pendine sands beach is about 1 hour away from the Falcondale but well worth the car journey as it has a 7 mile sandy beach overlooking the Gower peninsula. During low tide the sea can be seen in the far distance allowing room for extra miles of sandy beach; this was perfect for digging holes. The weather was so lovely I even went for a little swim in the sea to cool down following my exuberant run around.  I had so much fun I decided to have a siesta next to some rocks I’d found.

Dog friendly beaches


There are cafes, toilets, shops and plenty of parking close to the beach. Lifeguards are on duty between May and September and designated areas of the beach is popular with jet ski and windsurfers.


Most of the cafes and shops have water bowls outside so that I could have a drink. Bins were located in several places so any bags could be disposed of.

Dogs on the beach in Pendine

Overall a fantastic doggy day out!

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Pets Welcome

Even dog-friendly weddings can be stressful. Make sure your pet is comfortable and relaxed.

The Dog Blog- Sleepover at The Falcondale Hotel

Dog Stay at The Falcondale hotel & restaurant

Where best to start my doggy adventure then with a sleepover at The Falcondale with all the luxuries that I (or any dog) could dream of!

Dog stays at The Falcondale

From first paws in the door you can tell it’s dog friendly with yummy homemade treats on the desk and bowls and blankets in the room waiting for me.

For £20 you can order a pampered pooch box which gives you a blanket, poo bags, a rope toy, biscuits and a chewy ear – all of which were noticed by me as soon as I got into the room.

Dog treats at The Falcondale

At meal times I sat down in the conservatory whilst my owner ate their dinner. I enjoyed my very own doggy dinner of chicken, rice and gravy with a chewy ear for dessert for £5! Breakfast was back to rations of biscuits from me – which I thought was not so luxurious as my dinner the night before!

With 14 acres of woodlands and lawns it is perfect for walking, with the long south drive and paths around the garden there was plenty of different walks for my to try – a few too many maybe as I was sooo tired. If you fancied a longer walk there’s directions for a variety of walks available from reception.

Even dog-friendly weddings can be stressful. Make sure your pet is comfortable and relaxed.

I am always excited when I see the Falcondale through the car window!

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Pets Welcome

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Doggie Days Out – Introducing Freya!

Introducing Freya!

Hello, I’m Freya and I’m a lovable and cheeky husky and I love days out! Especially when there’s so many places to go in Ceredigion and although my favourite is The Falcondale – which I’m sure has something to do with the treats and cuddles, I couldn’t just tell you all about them I wanted to show you!

Dog friendly place to stay in Mid Wales

My doggie days out are near to The Falcondale. Get planning your own doggie days whilst holidaying at The Falcondale. Keep an eye out for my future doggy adventures and also I’d love to hear about yours.

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Pets Welcome at The Falcondale

Suki relaxing at The Falcondale, Lampeter

Dogs stay free in October

Dog friendly place to stay in Mid Wales

Dogs are back on the beaches in October

During the summer months the beaches on Cardigan Bay change their rules about dogs on the beaches. From around May to September they are generally not permitted, but October is nearly upon us! There are fabulous gems awaiting you and your four-legged friend, and you can now bring them to stay with you here at The Falcondale at no charge in the month of October.

Here’s our recommendations…


Aberporth Beach

Aberporth’s picturesque village overlooks two sandy blue-flagged beaches. A perfect opportunity to get in the sea alongside your dog. Rock pools are exposed during low tide, and hill top walks offers great sea views.

It’s village location offers the obligatory shops, ice cream and pub for those all important pit stops. Allowing you to spend the majority of the day in this one location.

Dog friendly beaches


Cwmtydu Beach

A former smuggler’s cove this smaller shingle beach is generally quiet and peaceful. At low tide there will be a ribbon of sand showing.

It has great access to the coastal path.  An option could be that you park your car in New Quay and catch the bus to Cwmtydu – spend some time on the beach – and walk back along the coastline to New Quay.

Remember to watch out for porpoises, seals and dolphins whilst your there.

Cardigan Bay coastline



A jewel in the crown of the National Trust Mwnt’s sandy beach is accessed via steep steps – so be aware. Parking is available at the top of the headland. Green coast access offers clifftop walks to both sides of the car park. Its history includes a fifteenth century church alongside the car park.

A kiosk and facilities are tucked away in the hillside, but you will not see any other development for miles.

Find a dog-friendly hotel with plenty of opportunities for walking, preferably with a dog-friendly beach nearby.


Newport Beach

There is a fabulous option for you and your best friend on Newport Beach (not the one next to Cardiff, but Newport in North Pembrokeshire). North Beach on Newport sands is open all year for Rover to frolic around on. Follow signs for Newport golf club, and you’ll soon come across the car park and toilets.

A mile of sandy beach and surf for you and your pooch, and even access to the Coastal Path should you wish to stretch your legs even further. Only a 10-minute walk from the shops and cafes of Newport village.

Lisa and Mark took Snoopy, Macsen and Milly to test it out on a snowy day in March with great success and very tired dogs at the end of the day. Highly recommended!

Walks in Newport whilst staying at The Falcondale Hotel, Ceredigion


Dogs stay free in October

To celebrate the re-introduction of dogs to Ceredigion beaches in October, there will be no charge for your dog staying with you here at The Falcondale. Take a look at reasons why you should bring your best friend with you…

Pets Welcome at The Falcondale

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