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The Falcondale
Country House Estate Ltd

Falcondale Drive, Lampeter
Ceredigion SA48 7RX
Tel: 01570 422910
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Corporate social responsibility is the extent to which businesses take account of the economic, social and environmental impact on its day to day operation. Falcondale takes this very seriously and already use a number of energy saving measures, are currently looking at further diminishing the carbon footprint and are keen to be looked upon as a green hotel.

There are a variety of bird boxes situated around the 14 acre land surrounding the hotel. Boxes have been made suitable for blue tits, pied woodpecker, house sparrow, nuthatch and the barn owl. Although these blue tits preferred the stone wall!

Birds at The Falcondale

A two year project started in 2012 to plant fifty 18 month old beech trees around the grounds. It is believed that the increased climate change is having an adverse affect on beech trees.

Donation of free nights away, lunches and dinners at the hotel are given to local charity raffles to support communities and local charities. Both the Rotary and Inner Wheel meet at The Falcondale.

Our 2015 nominated charity is the MNDA:

Previous year's charities have included:

British Heart Foundation  Beacon of Hope 

Work experience placements are offered to local schools as well as from abroad. Support is given to the Lampeter food festival and Lampeter Show. Advertisements are placed within local newspapers such as Cambrian News.

Falcondale saves energy by: -

  • Ensuring legal compliance with environmental legislation and strives to exceed industry best practice.
  • Use of energy saving light bulbs in almost all areas of the hotel. Only essential lighting, for health and safety purposes, left on when the hotel is closed at night.
  • Using only the best local produce, thereby reducing transport distance and emissions.
  • Recycle newspapers, cardboard, glass, toner cartridges, cooking oil, batteries and gas.
  • Scrap paper used for note taking and internal administration documents.
  • Sending shredded paper to local farms for animal bedding.
  • Taking unclaimed lost property items (after 3 months holding period) to local charity shops.
  • Only change linen and towels at the request of the guest, thereby reducing laundering costs.
  • Use a modern, energy efficient boiler that is fully insulated.
  • Reuse all our water run-off. Half flush on all toilets, helping to conserve water.
  • Televisions in bedrooms switched off, not left on standby.
  • Only heat rooms that are in use.
  • Kitchen appliances always switched off, not left on standby.
  • Fridge and freezer doors kept shut and opened as little as possible.
  • All appliances checked regularly to ensure they are in proper working order.
  • Gas is turned off when not in use.
  • Loft is insulated with solid eurothene insulation.
  • Walls are solid stone so provide natural insulation after the initial warming period.
  • Newly extended part of the hotel (bedrooms 2,3,4 and 6) is under-floor sound and heated insulated.
  • Maintaining own three bed sewage system operating by using the natural force of gravity and hotel run-off / used water, thereby no man-made energy input.